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«For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.» – Martin Luther

Arborist ~ Marcelo Jacques


I have been working in tree care for over a decade; I started out working for a large, national company and over time gained the skills and knowledge required to build my own company. I am a member of the International Arborist Association as well as the Wisconsin Arborist Association.

At Newf and Trees we take pride in the work we do; we offer the highest quality tree care and removal services. Our goal is to respond to your needs quickly, do high quality work in an efficient manner at a fair price.

We enjoy what we do and look forward to working with you.

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Tree pruning

Pruning is highly recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but to extend the life of your trees. It is important that your trees be maintained regularly. In order to achieve maximal benefit from pruning, it should be done correctly, based upon tree pruning standards for the specific type of tree and time of year.


Our company is composed of trained arborists. We climb and work on the trees using the latest climbing techniques. We will not use spikes or ladders, as these may damage the tree.

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Pruning Objectives :

Maintaining health

If you start to care for your trees in the early stages it will be less costly and beneficial for the structure and health of your trees

Reducing the potential for tree or branch failure

If you have a mature tree near your home, garage, parking, playground, or any structure, etc. You want to make sure that it is safe for the location.

Providing clearance

If you have trees or bushes near a building or structure, pruning will need not only be beneficial to your tree, but also to your property by eliminating rodent and pest access.

Reducing shade and wind resistance

Pruning and thinning out a canopy from overhanging trees can help provide more sunlight for plants or gardens below. Thinning out the branches of a large tree will also help keep the area safer during a windstorm.

Influencing flower or fruit production

If you have apple, pear, peach or other fruit or flowering trees, there are pruning practices that may help improve or reduce production.

Opening or improving a view

Tree Removal

We can remove standing trees or trees that have fallen. We are able to work safely around electrical lines, homes and property and are fully insured. The resulting lumber and debris can be removed completely, or if you prefer, can be left for you as wood chips or firewood.


If your tree shows signs of splitting or is leaning, we can help provide the necessary support to the tree by cabling, bracing or both.

Storm Damage

We can assist with the fallout after a storm as well as help you mitigate your risk prior to a storm hitting.

Lightning Protection

Lightning can damage trees and if struck, the energy may travel down the trunk, and then jump to a more conductive structure or person. This may result in bodily harm or fires.

A system may be installed in your tree that conducts the lightning from the top of the tree safely to the ground. This has been shown to reduce the risk of damage to trees or property/persons.

Trees that are candidates for this service are usually trees at the top of a hill, trees that are substantially higher than the surrounding canopy or that are close to houses/buildings and are much taller than the building.

Stump Removal/Grinding

In the event that your tree needs to be removed or if a tree has fallen after a storm, we can remove the tree as well as the stump. We can also level and reseed the ground where the stump stood. Prior to removing the stump, we will verify that there are no underground electrical or plumbing concerns that may be encountered.

Some of our Projects

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” – John Muir

Client Testimonials

«Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.» – Warren Buffett

We have a lot of tree companies who solicit our neighborhood for work, they all make promises they never keep…..this makes it hard to trust someone you’ve never used before. After talking with Marcelo I decided to take a chance and try Newf & Trees because he wasn’t giving me the hard sell that everybody else was. I ended up with an awesome job done at a reasonable price.

The tree was massive and on a slope, so it wasn’t an easy job but Newf & Trees did an awesome job and surpassed my expectations……also the cleanup was great also very nice.

I absolutely would recommend Marcelo and Newf & Trees to friends and neighbors……..I already have!

Monte Hunt - Brookfield Wisconsin

Marcelo did a fantastic job of trimming some large tree branches in our back yard. Prompt return of calls, great communication all the way thru completion of work. I would recommend this company to everyone who wants quality service at a reasonable price.

Hal H.

My biggest fear was that it would take a great deal of time before you were able to start and that was not the case. You were able to start the next day and worked consecutive days until the project was completed.

I was extremely happy with your service, you stared on time, worked quickly and did a great job of clean up. All that for a great price, I could not have been happier!!

I would say you need to get a quote from Marcelo, they provide great service for a reasonable price! I will be back in the future!!

Mr. and Mrs. Stenzel

Marcelo was very prompt and efficient. He worked the job himself and only reached out to me when he needed to. He also did a great job of cleaning up after the job was done. I will definitely hire this company again for future work.

Tim D.

Marcelo and his partner Larry were a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be more pleased with the job, including cleanup. It’s unbelievable how efficient Marcelo is, moving up and down the trees quickly and getting the job done in a way that a team of five could not do any better. In fact it’s reassuring to talk to and deal with the person who actually does the work. He is very knowledgeable about trees and tree health and communicates well. His charges are also reasonable. Very highly recommended!!

Harold L.

Marcelo was fantastic. The price was right and he and his helper did the job well. Newf & Trees was a great choice for taking down my very large silver maple. Recommended strongly.

Mary B.

Marcelo was very responsive, very fast, did excellent work, and left my backyard free of debris and in better shape than it was when he arrived. I fully recommend him to anyone needing tree work.

Rachel G.

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